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Cholesterol is a vital indicator of severe health problems that might otherwise go undetected. At Great Lakes Institute For Men's Health, Dr. Steve Lasater not only monitors your cholesterol, but he also uses advanced clinical testing to determine your risk of cardiovascular disease and then works with you to lower it.



At Great Lakes Institute For Men's Health, Dr. Lasater uses a special laboratory for measuring lipoprotein particles to give you an accurate risk assessment for cardiovascular disease.

Measuring the number of cholesterol-carrying particles is a much better indicator of a patient’s cardiovascular risk than the typical blood test ordered by most doctors.

For this reason, Dr. Lasater relies on this particle number in assessing and advising his patients about their risk for heart disease and stroke.

*Remember: if you don’t know your particle number, you don’t know your risk.


Dr. Lasater also uses specialized laboratories to measure telomeres on your chromosomes, which can impact health and longevity, and in some cases, determine whether you need telomerase therapy.


If you have high cholesterol or think you’re at risk for heart disease, contact Dr. Lasater, a board-certified clinical lipidologist in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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